Learning Kubernetes internals by configuring a cluster

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been learning Kubernetes. During that process, I wanted to understand which components are part of a Kubernetes cluster and how they work together. While searching for resources, I came across Joshua Sheppard’s Kubernetes by Component series. His goal was to “provide a deeper sense of what each component in a Kubernetes cluster is doing by building up a cluster one component at a time“. Sounded exactly like what I needed!

Joshua’s approach was to extend/update a similar series written in 2015 by Kamal Marhubi with his own learning. While following along his posts, I realized that the best approach was to do the same he had done: configure a cluster one component at a time and document the process. I used the most recent Kubernetes binaries and automated each step of the process using Vagrant VMs. The result can be found in my K8s Bootstrap repo.

Hope this helps!