Binding generic type definitions with Ninject

A few days ago I came across a feature of Ninject that I didn’t know of: bindings of generic type definitions. Suppose you have a generic thing interface:

    interface IThing<T>
        void DoSomething(T obj);

A possible implementation is a console-based thing:

    class ConsoleThing<T> : IThing<T>
        public void DoSomething(T obj)
            Console.WriteLine("ConsoleThing<{0}>: {1}", typeof(T).Name, obj.ToString());

Ninject allows you to bind all the specific things to the corresponding console things by using their generic type definitions:


In this case we can’t use the generic overload of the Bind method because we are not specifying the thing‘s type arguments. Having that single bind you can write:

var intThing = kernel.Get<IThing<int>>();
var stringThing = kernel.Get<IThing<string>>();


And you can still have other dependencies, as usual, even if the use the generic type argument:

class SpecialThing<T> : IThing<T>
    private readonly T _obj;
    public SpecialThing(T obj)
        _obj = obj;

    public void DoSomething(T obj)

var specialStringThing = kernel.Get<IThing<string>>();
specialStringThing.DoSomething("Hello"); // 'False'
specialStringThing.DoSomething("Foo"); // 'True'

Cool, rigth? May be useful in some scenarios, specially when combined with restrictions over the type arguments.


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