Remote Desktop to Windows Azure

(It’s not a simple blue desktop.. look closer on the right bottom! =P)

By the way: if you’re looking for tips on using remote desktop with Windows Azure Web Roles, which is supported in the latest releases, it’s very simple: when publishing a cloud project through Visual Studio, follow the “Configure Remote Desktop connections” option. You’ll then be prompted for a certificate and some credentials:

  • On the Azure portal you can upload private key/certificate pairs to each hosted service. The certificate that you supply in Visual Studio is just a means to identify the pair that should be used to secure the remote connection;
  • The credentials that you supply on Visual Studio are the ones that you should later use to login remotely.

Note: the image may be funny in the first place, but it actually makes sense. Otherwise, Microsoft would have to manage all the additional OS keys and eventually someone could use some program to extract the OS key.


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